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From Penny Stock to Blue Chip

Imagine traveling from New York to St. Petersburg, Russia, in only 8 hours. That is 3.5 hours less than typical carriers that are currently allowed to fly that route. These non-direct flights can take anywhere between 11 and a half to 18 hours long.

Instead, Baltia Air Lines will allow travelers to fly directly from New York to St. Petersburg on non-stop flights...

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Debt Kills Airlines: Why Baltia Air Lines Will Expand & Thrive

In 1978, the United States government passed the Airline Deregulation Act, which removed governmental control over airline fares, routes, and entry of new commercial airlines in to the market. Since the airline deregulation act, more than 200 air carriers have filed for bankruptcy. This long list of airlines includes some of the largest names in commercial air travel, including US Airways, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines...

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