Take advantage of greater savings by purchasing two or more round-trip tickets at a discounted fare. Pre-Paid Flights give you the flexibility to plan ahead and save on your fares at the same time.

Pre-Paid Flights are available only to Frequent Flyers who purchase through Baltia Reservations. Please call Baltia Reservations at (718) 917-8052 for more information.

How the discounts work

Simply decide how many times during the next 12 months you want to fly and purchase a book of open tickets in your name for the number of round-trip flights in the class of your choice.

The more flights you book, the more you save:

2-4 flights 10% discount

5-7 flights 15% discount

8-12 flights 20% discount

Once you have your Pre-Paid Flights ticket book, please call Baltia Reservations to book your flights at your convenience. Personal status discounts will apply.

No risk in pre-paying

Pre-Paid tickets must be used within one year of purchase date. Unused tickets will be refunded after prorating for the appropriate discount level.