Accumulating Your Miles

Miles are accumulated in your Frequent Flyer account when you purchase a ticket and fly on a Baltia Air Lines flight.

Miles Flown

The mileage awarded to you per one-way flight in Voyager Class (double for round-trip) is:

New York — St Petersburg 4,000 miles

For First or Business Class mileage, multiple Voyager Class miles by:

First Class 4
Business Class 2

For example, a round-trip New York — St. Petersburg in Business Class will accumulate 16,000 miles.

Expiration and Non-Transferability

Your miles are credited to your account upon the completion of each flight. Miles are not transferable. Unused miles expire three years from the date they are credited.

Using Miles

Call Baltia Reservations at (718) 917-8052 to use your mileage.

Free Flight*

The mileage required for one-way flight in Voyager Class (double for round-trip) is:

New York — St Petersburg 20,000 miles

For First or Business Class, multiply the Voyager Class mileage by:

First Class 4
Business Class 2

For example, a New York — St Petersburg Business Class ticket requires 80,000 miles.

Free Upgrade

Purchase a Voyager Class ticket and then use your miles to upgrade to Business or First Class. A one-way flight requires the following mileage (double for round-trip):

First Class 60,000 miles
Business Class 30,000 miles

Free Companion*

You can take a companion along using your miles. The only requirement is that you and your companion fly on the same flight in the same class. Good news — the mileage requirement for your companion is only ½ the normal amount!

Send Someone on a Trip*

You can use your miles to send a friend or family member on a trip.

No Limiting Conditions

The same conditions apply to travel with Frequent Flyer miles as they do for a paid ticket:

No blackout periods
No peak/off peak limitations
No capacity limitations
No layover requirements
No advance booking requirement (booking is subject to seat availability)
No penalty for changing itinerary or flight time (unused miles are re-credited)
No time lag in mileage crediting or use

* The Frequent Flyer is required to pay applicable taxes upon issuance of the free ticket.


To enroll, please call Baltia Reservations at (718) 917-8052

A passenger is eligible to enroll in the Frequent Flyer program after purchasing his or her first Baltia Air Lines ticket. Enrollment is conditional upon the passenger acknowledging that Baltia has the right, at its discretion, to modify the terms of its Frequent Flyer program at any time without notice and to close the Frequent Flyer account without any further obligation.