At Baltia Air Lines, our fare rules are always fair.

Same fare either way

Fares are the same between paired cities, regardless of the flight direction or location of ticket purchase.

No penalties

We are here to accommodate your travel plans, and sometimes those plans may change.

Baltia does not impose penalties for changing a reservation, or even if you miss your flight. However, if the flight date is changed to a time period with a higher fare, the purchaser pays the difference. If the flight is changed to a time period with a lower fare, the difference will be refunded to the purchaser.

Full Refund

An unused Baltia ticket will be refunded in full upon request. In the event that a round-trip ticket is used one-way only, 30% of the total purchase price will be refunded. If a ticket has not been used within one year, it will be cancelled and the cost will be refunded to the purchaser.


If you purchase a ticket for your trip where another airline flies a segment before or after a Baltia flight, the rules governing the airline’s flight may contain penalties for changes, offer only a partial or no refund, or apply other restrictions.